Lousy gov’t lawyer; Joey de Venecia on Gen. Danny Lim

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mortzIt has always been a common perception that a government lawyer is a lousy lawyer. Take this certain Atty. Reyes of the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA), who spoke recently to the local media in a forum on Human Trafficking at Urdaneta City.

He talked about a victim of illegal recruitment who resided in mountainous Benguet Province, who should have filed a criminal case in the Prosecutor’s Office of Benguet, and not in the place where the crime occurred, especially if it’s far from where she is residing.

But the poor complainant, who could not afford to hire a private lawyer, ignorantly filed the case in Vigan.

Thus, it had inconvenienced her more than the culprit.

Mahina ang fiscal sa Vigan. Dapat ni-recommend niya sa Benguet iyong kaso!” I interjected.

“No, he is just avoiding to be charged with impartiality!” the government attorney retorted.

Jesus Christ! What impartiality? There is no crime committed if the prosecutor in Vigan magnanimously tells the poor litigant to withdraw her case there and instead file it in Benguet so tha it would instead inconvenience the alleged illegal recruiter by suffering an expensive hair-raising trip for every time there is a litigation that requires his presence.

Lousy lawyers like Atty. Reyes also abound the Prosecutor’s Office in Dagupan City. One of them – the old hen Assistant Prosecutor Rosita S. Ocampo – is even groomed to be the next City Fiscal.

Anak ng tinapa! E, palaging late pumasok iyan. Saka mali-mali ang mga decisions that she filed in court for probable cause,” a source told me.


A truckload of Pangasinan media who covered the visit of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the Binalonan’s Fiesta last February 24, 2008 swore that in case the town mayor Ramon Guico runs for Congress in 2010, they will throw their support to Urdaneta City Mayor Amadito Perez, in case both of them run.

Why? Guico, who is the first cousin of the President and the national president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines “absconded” from them when they need him most.

“Hungry and empty-handed,” the media practitioners went to nearby Urdaneta City and Mayor Perez –- as usual –- solved their predicament.

One of them even denounced the mayor’s vice mayor son, Ramon Guico III, who is the “de-facto” mayor of the said town, by giving them a run around.
Ginawa pa kaming tanga. We will not go to that town again!”


I overheard from a local AM radio a commentator deploring the awkward custom of our people soliciting financial help every advent of the fiesta season.

“Why should not these people celebrate fiestas in the villages based on their means? Why pester other people to help bankroll their hypocritically lavish celebration that is beyond their means to spend?” he poses.

The answer is simple: Because whether politicians and elected officials like it or not they have to ingratiate the solicitors who, come election time, would give the former the votes they needed to win.

Take for example the illegal numbers game jueteng. Why, almost all our mayors are allegedly the recipients of its intelligentsia on a regular basis from the gambling lord. This is because the mayors know that their average P27,000 monthly salary would last for two or three days if they have to give it gratis to the needy and indigents who come to their house or office in a daily basis.

With an average P15,000 a day from jueteng, each of them has the sense of security already that come election time, he –- or any member of his family –- has a comparative advantage to win the number games’ contest.

As what a veteran politician told me: “The masses take offense if you could not shell-out financial help to them. They and their immediate families would give their votes to other politicians who helped them.”

Politicians dread this scenario thus they themselves perpetuate this culture of mendicancy – and that includes the perennial fiesta celebrations.


Election fever has arrived in the country’s second biggest province of Pangasinan last February 25-26, 2009.

Opposition members led by three presidential timbers in former President Joseph Estrada, Senator Loren Legarda, and Makati City Mayor Jojo Binay barnstormed for two days different towns and cities of Pangasinan.

Members of their entourage were senatorial wannabees Joey de Venecia, Mary Grace Poe (daughter of the late Actor Fernando Poe Jr. and Actress Susan Roces), Edel Tamano, Rez Cortez, Ricky Recto, and former Senator Ernesto Maceda.

When I asked the ciggie-smoking former President Estrada if there is a probability he slides down as a senatorial candidate to decongest the number of presidential wannabees, he said it could not happen since he was already a President of the Philippines.

He added that his present and only option to run for public office is the presidency unless the opposition unites.

Then I posed to him my final serious question: “When would be the time that both of us will be drinking liquor, and talked about girls and politics?” He became excited by laughing and told me that I visit him at his house in San Juan so we can have a good drink there as he waved to his gorgeous secretary Marguax Salcedo to give me the numbers of his line of communication.


I told senatorial wannabe Joey “Back-off” de Venecia that I saw his face and his advocacies displayed with prominence in the Internet’s social networking Facebook. I added that I have been exchanging notes there with the jailed military reformist Brig. Gen. Danny Lim.

I confided to Joey that I told the general – who felt that he has no more niche at the military — that in case he runs for a Senate seat, I would help him in my humble capacity in the “Republic of Pangasinan”.

Joey told me that he and General Lim also interact at Facebook. “Tulungan natin si Danny dito sa Pangasinan, in case he runs for a seat in the Senate,“ the young De Venecia added.

As what Bill O’Reilly confidently poses in his number one, no spin talk show The Factor at Fox TV: “What say you, General?”

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