Public officials must review GMRC

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eavesdropperWhen I was in elementary grades, good manners and right conduct (GMRC) was the first subject taught for about 15 minutes daily. In that subject, pupils were taught basic good manners such as table manners, proper grooming, how to deal with adults, how to receive visitors and other values relative to improving one’s personality.

Right conduct, on the other hand, dealt with the proper conduct and behavior in public and private affairs and the decorum on dealing with big crowd. Those lessons given by teachers were, however, extensions of what have been learned at home that’s why when somebody during those days acted differently and with impropriety, the most comments that one will hear were: walang modo, bastos and poor breeding.

There are two high ranking Pangasinan provincial officials who I believe have poor manners.

But sometimes, maybe because of their desire to put themselves into the limelight as they are politicians, their awareness of good manners and right conduct is put to test. They have forgotten that they are public officials, so to them the most basic good conduct when attending big event is no longer necessary as long as they can show to the people that they are popular. Wala silang pakialam kung ano ang sasabihin ng mga bigating bisita and even the crowd. But their public conduct caught my eyes and I was appalled how these officials acted inappropriately.

Yes, Toto Mortz, you missed those embarrassing scenes because you left the affair early. Otherwise you too, would have frown at what they’ve done to the guest speaker. Sanamagan!

These two officials almost stole the show from him. And who are these public officials I am referring to? Well, they are honorable Vice Governor Marlyn Primicias-Agabas and 5th district Board Member Danny Uy.

Allow me to recount what happened during the 11th Urdaneta District Barangay Health Workers Congress held inside the gymnasium of Asingan town last February 20.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, who was the guest speaker, was already halfway in his speech when the crowd clapped their hands loudly. I thought they were clapping because of their approval of what the Senator was saying, but NO! All eyes were on Vice Governor Agabas as she was entering the gymnasium. That caught the attention of Senator Enrile who stopped speaking and remarked in Ilocano, “ Asino ngay didiay? (Who is that fellow?). Unluckily, the microphone he’s holding on was not in the off mode that’s why he was heard by the crowd and guests. The emcee readily said, “Vice Governor Agabas, sir.” So, Senator Enrile acknowledged the “arrival” of the new guest and he continued his speech.

After a while, there was again a thunderous applause from the crowd. Senator Enrile once more halted his speech and there he saw a man handshaking with the barangay health workers. He asked the emcee, “Asino manen didiay?” (Who is that again?). “Ni Board Member Danny Uy,” the emcee said. Poor Senator Enrile, he again acknowledged the late-comer guest.

Those scenes to me were very improper. The respect was not accorded to the guest speaker who was not an ordinary person but the third highest ranking official in the country. The two officials should have at least thought deeply before entering the gymnasium and asked themselves, “Is it proper to enter now while the guest speaker is in the middle of his speech? I might distract his attention.” But nunca ,Toto Mortz. Both entered the gymnasium, although separately, like movie stars in what we called “dramatic entrance” that would make Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie envious. At that time, I knew what was in the mind and heart of Senator Enrile. Was he insulted? Who will not feel insulted when you are speaking but nobody’s listening to you because of improper entrances of the other guests.

And back to my GMRC, we were taught back then not to enter a hall when somebody is speaking. No one should we make any movement when were already sitting inside the hall. You have to wait until the speaker ends his message. With that, you are showing respect to the person. (For your comments, email me at

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