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So says rice supply enough, prices stable

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

rosendo soRosales — Dispelling rumors that there’s now a rice shortage and its prices are going up, Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo So said here today that the National Food Authority (NFA) still has a 30-day buffer stock, while the farmers, traders and rice millers have stocked rice enough for the next three months.

“The farmers will harvest palay in March, April and May, so the rice supply will last until July,” So said. 

“Our critical months will be from August to September but by that time, the NFA importation of 1.5 metric tons or 30 million cavans of rice from Vietnam shall have arrived, giving us a three-month buffer stock from August to October,” he said.

On the price increase of rice in the market, So said that it is still on the level, saying that last year, NFA has increased its quota procurement from 2.5 percent to 10 percent with a buying rate of P17 per kilo.

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The leader in Governor Espino

eavesLast Feb. 9, Governor Amado T. Espino Jr. delivered his State of the Province Address (SOPA) in which he outlined his accomplishments in a span of one year, seven months and eight days.

The SOPA, to me, represented his sentiments and kind of leadership for which he told the crowd of his vision of Pangasinan “the best place to invest, work, live and raise a family.” In the context of development, that vision is not only concentrated for the province but almost all political leaders whether mayors or governors share the same vision for their constituents.

What was mind boggling to me, however, was when he started to cite his flashbacks before he assumed his office. He pictured the province as if his predecessors have done nothing good and have not accomplished anything for the Pangasinenses. Is he only the leader that this province ever produced with a vision?

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Editorial: Mohammed and the rope

The Holy Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, was approached by a hungry man who asked for food. Instead, Mohammed gave the man a piece of rope and some advice: “Go to the woods and collect dry wood lying about. Tie it with this rope. Take it to the town and sell it for firewood. Use the money to buy food.” Mohammed had given a gift that helped the man become independent of begging.

It’s the onset of municipal fiestas and barangay fiestas here and there around Pangasinan. Fiestas were originally held as thanksgiving occasions and those who celebrated used their own resources.

Now, we find municipal and barangay officials going around soliciting funds for fiestas. Politicians and businesses are the favorite targets of solicitation letters.

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