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Enrile relates how he became Senate President

jpeBy Brando Cortez

ROSALES — At a breakfast hosted by former Agrarian Reform Minister Conrado “Tata Condring” Estrella here, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile narrated the events that led to his ascension to the Senate presidency.

Enrile also said that it was easy to run the Philippine government.

“It is easy to run the Philippine government if only the President has the the national good as his foundation of governance,” said Enrile.

He said he quit the Aquino administration during its early years because, he said, it appeared that it was not President Corazon Aquino who was making the decisions.

A good President is someone who makes a decision even if it is unpopular, Enrile said.

“If the national good is in your heart you can hire and fire without political considerations,” he added.

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‘Gulayan at Maisan sa Barangay’ launched in Moncada

moncadaBy Virgilio Sar. Maganes

MONCADA,TARLAC- The Abono Party List launched the Gulayan at Maisan sa Barangay Program here on February 19 attended by punong barangays and municipal officials and employees led by Mayor Benito E. Aquino.

Abono President Ponciano V. Onia, Jr. said the party was spearheading the project in support to the food security program of the government.

“The looming economic crisis will bring us to a worse situation in the future. Unless we do something about it like planting vegetables for our needs and find alternative to rice like corn, life ahead will be harder,” he said

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Public officials must review GMRC

eavesdropperWhen I was in elementary grades, good manners and right conduct (GMRC) was the first subject taught for about 15 minutes daily. In that subject, pupils were taught basic good manners such as table manners, proper grooming, how to deal with adults, how to receive visitors and other values relative to improving one’s personality.

Right conduct, on the other hand, dealt with the proper conduct and behavior in public and private affairs and the decorum on dealing with big crowd. Those lessons given by teachers were, however, extensions of what have been learned at home that’s why when somebody during those days acted differently and with impropriety, the most comments that one will hear were: walang modo, bastos and poor breeding.

There are two high ranking Pangasinan provincial officials who I believe have poor manners.

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Best ‘Maisan sa Barangay’ project search begins

Following the success of the search for Best Gulayan at Maisan sa Eskwelahan or GAMES Project in Pangasinan, the Abono Partylist, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, is launching another project, the search for the Best Maisan sa Barangay Project.

The Maisan sa Barangay is a project of the Abono Partylist with the provincial government and four congressmen of Pangasinan, in coordination with the different municipal governments. It will be monitored by the DA, Office of the Provincial Agriculturist and media. It is a four-month activity that started last week of January and aims to promote the white corn as alternative staple food for Ilocanos other than rice and at the same time addressing the hunger problem in the countryside.

The project requires all barangays involved in the program to plant hybrid white corn specifically the Matutum variety in a 2,500 sq. meter area using 70 cm between furrows and 20 cm between hills as the planting distance.

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GMA matches Binalonan school board’s outlay

BINALONAN – To demonstrate her appreciation of this town’s efforts to provide quality education for its children, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo today pledged to match the Binalonan School Board’s budget for school improvement projects this year with an equal amount.

The President made the commitment during the inauguration of the newly constructed 2-storey 4-classroom school building of the Binalonan South Central School (BSCS) here today (Tuesday).

Under the Local Government Code, local School Boards are allotted a Special Education Fund share from one percent of real property tax revenue which is primarily intended for the improvement and development of school facilities.

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Arroyo calls for greater efforts to increase social impact of education on Filipino youth

BINALONAN – President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo rallied today agencies and individuals in the education sector to make “targeted and consolidated” efforts to increase the “social impact” of education on the Filipino youth.

The President made the call in her speech at the ceremonies formally opening the newly constructed two-storey, four-classroom school building — the latest addition to the Binalonan South Central School complex here.

“We can generate more social impact from education if the efforts are targeted and consolidated,” the President said.

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Chiz: Stop Cha-Cha moves and focus on economic problems

chizSen. Chiz Escudero is calling on his colleagues in Congress to give up attempts to amend the Constitution and attend to the more pressing problems of the country, in the face of the current global economic crisis.

“We should focus on the economic problems of the country. More and more Filipinos are losing their jobs. There will be no food on the table if we don’t address this now,” Escudero said.

The senator said that the cash crunch has brought about an alarming rate of job displacements here in the country.

“More than the self-serving movement to change the Constitution, the problems facing every Filipino today is job security. The government has warned of more mass layoffs in the future, once the effects of the crisis are magnified this year,” Escudero said.

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The art of compromise

mortzJust like the savvy of computer whiz kid Justin Long in Die Hard IV (starring the rugged Bruce Willis, of course), Ging “Justin Long dyad Pangasinan” Cardinoza has spruced-up Northern Watch last February 10, 2009 by making it online for people around the world to know through their computers the latest on the brewing socio-politico-economic drama that unfold in the “Republic of Pangasinan.”

Mediawise, the good thing of being wired is one can get a tab about the number of hits (i.e: read) the website receives around the globe. Geez, man, even an opinion writer can get the latest statistics if his column is patronized or otherwise.

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Australian WW II veterans honored in Pangasinan

govLINGAYEN — The Australian embassy and the Pangasinan provincial government on Friday unveiled a commemorative plaque here to honor Australian World War II veterans who died during the battle between the Allied Forces and the Japanese Imperial Army in the Lingayen Gulf in 1945.

In a solemn ceremony, Les Kennedy, president of the Commemoration Committee of Victoria (Australia) said: “The Australian country had also played a very significant role during the World War II, as we, too, sacrificed our lives to help the American troops led by Gen. Douglas MacArthur in liberating Luzon from the Japanese forces.”

Kennedy said members of the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force took part in the Philippine liberation where four in a fleet of 15 Australian warships figured in the big naval action of the liberation campaign.

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Enrile joins call for Bataan nuke plant reopening

By Brando Cortez

enrileSAN MANUEL, PANGASINAN — Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said here that the massive brownouts the country experienced in the 1990’s would not have happened if only the administrations after that of the late President Ferdinand Marcos operated the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

“We could have avoided these massive brownouts and the expensive contracts with independent power producers,” said Enrile, who visited the San Roque Power Corp. here on Friday.

Enrile said that he supports Pangasinan fifth district Rep. Mark Cojuangco’s HB04631, also known as “Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Re-Commissioning Act of 2008,” which has been co-authored by at least 122 congressmen.

“The people paid for the construction of the mothballed BNPP and up to now not a single kilowatt-hour of electricity has been produced,” said Enrile.

Enrile and his party were welcomed by officers of the San Roque Multipurpose Project (SRMP) composed of Ryukichi Kawaguchi, president and chief executive officer and Naoto Tago, executive vice president and Tommy Valdez, vice president-corporate social responsibility.

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