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Abono Partylist Chair Rosendo O. So joins the Team Celeste-Lambino during a meeting of supporters from the 5th District at the Ramon Guico Sr. Sports Center on February 8. So urges the crowd to support the candidates under the Team Celeste-Lambino and also the Abono Partylist on May 13 election. https://northwatch.wordpress.com/2019/02/12/abono-partylist-with-team-celeste-lambino-in-binalonan/


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CORTEZ: ‘First girlfriend. Ako din ang first boyfriend niya’- Erin Tañada

NOT MEANT TO BE. Inamin ng kandidatong senador na si Erin Tañada na minsan naging mag-on sila ni Senadora Risa Hontiveros noong medyo bata pa sila.

“First girlfriend. Ako din ang first boyfriend niya,” sabi ni Erin Tañada.

Hindi nagtagal ang relasyon nila dahil sa pananaw sa pulitika.

“Sabihin natin eh sa pananaw ng pakikibaka,” sabi ni Erin Tañada.

Ang tagline ni Erin ay: Ako po si Erin Tanada, handang ipaglaban at paglingkuran kayo sa Senado araw araw.

LOVE CONQUERS HATE. Dahil panahon ng Valentine’s day, share ko lang sa inyo ang kuwento ng Arabian Nights o ang 1001 Nights.


In ancient times there lived a king who had two sons. The elder, Shahriyar, inherited his father’s kingdom, and the younger, Shah-Zeman, became king of Samarkand. For twenty years, both ruled with justice and kindness.

One day King Shahriyar wished to see his brother again. He sent his vizier with many gifts to Samarkand, and when the vizier arrived, he kissed the ground before the king and spoke of King Shahriyar’s desire.

First King Shah-Zeman entertained the vizier, and on the fourth day he prepared to make the journey to his brother. He set off, but at midnight he suddenly remembered something he had forgotten. He hurried back to the palace, but there he learned his wife had run off with another.

In despair at this betrayal, he set off with a heavy heart to his brother’s land.

Shahriyar was overjoyed to see Shah-Zeman, but when he saw his brother stricken with grief, he asked what was wrong.

“What troubles me is not your concern,” his brother said. “I only wish to be alone awhile.”

Out of respect, King Shahriyar left his brother and went out on a hunt. Shah-Zeman paced his room, and when he looked out the window, he saw the queen in the garden speaking quietly to another man. He suddenly realized that she was planning on running away from King Shahriyar.

Suddenly his grief felt lighter. When King Shahriyar returned, Shah-Zeman told him what he’d seen.

“This cannot be true. My wife loves me,” King Shahriyar said, but when he saw proof of her betrayal, all his reason fled.

He ran to his brother and said, “Let us travel the world, brother. I wish to discover if every woman betrays the one she loves.”

The next morning the brothers set off and when they reached the edge of the sea, the water suddenly turned rough. A huge black pillar rose out of the sea. From that pillar rose a gigantic Jinn — a mystical being — bearing a chest upon his head.

Terrified, the brothers climbed a tree. The Jinn sat down beneath the tree, opened the chest, and took from it another chest. Out of this chest stepped a beautiful woman. The Jinn looked at her and said, “O lady whom I stole on your wedding night, O lady who loves me alone, I wish to sleep.” Then he placed his head upon her knee and closed his eyes.

When he was fast asleep the woman removed his head from her knee and called to the kings, “See this.” She took a purse from her pocket and drew out a string with 98 rings. “Even though I am imprisoned in a box within a box at the bottom of the sea, whatever I wish a man to give me is mine. Ninety-eight rings, each one from a king. Now I wish you to give me yours.”

The brothers could not resist the lady’s request. They handed over their rings, and Shahriyar wept. “Even a great Jinn cannot trust a woman,” he said. That very night he hurried back home and ordered his wife to be executed.

After that night, each day the king took a new wife, but at the end of each night, he ordered his servants to execute her. He became a cruel, cold man.

The people were horrified by the king’s behavior. Those who could fled the kingdom with their daughters.

At long last when the king called for a new queen, the vizier’s own daughter, Scheherazade, intervened, begging her father to send her in place of any other girls.

At that time, few girls went to school, but Scheherazade was not only beautiful and charming, but intelligent, and she had been well-educated.

Scheherazade had read thousands of histories of dynasties and kings. She read poetry, philosophy, science and art. “By Allah,” she said, “give me in marriage to the king, and perhaps I will live and deliver justice to our land again.”

Naturally the vizier argued passionately; he could not bear to lose his child. But Scheherazade insisted, and then she conferred with her sister, Dinazade, before going to the king.

Later that night she went to the king’s room, and the moment she arrived, she began to weep.

“What troubles you?” Shahriyar asked.

As she had planned, Scheherazade said, “I wish to bid my younger sister farewell, please.”

The king agreed and sent for Dinazade. When she arrived, she pleaded for Scheherazade to tell her a story, just as they had agreed.

Scheherazade began. Deep into the night, she wove her tale, but as dawn broke, she was only in the middle. “I cannot finish,” she said. “It is morning and time for me to be sent away.”

But Shahriyar said, “We’ll wait another day. I must hear the rest of the story.”

The next night Scheherazade finished the story and began a second, this one more exciting. She told tales of Sinbad the Sailor, Aladdin and his magic lamp, and Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. Again at dawn she reached the middle, and again Shahriyar spared her so she might finish the tale.

Night after night, Scheherazade told another story, reaching the middle at dawn. Entranced by her stories, the king kept her with him, and 1,001 nights passed

On night 1,001 she said, “After this I have no more stories.”

But by then the king was in love with her, and thanks to her tales, he had become a wiser man, versed in the tales of this world.

And so he made Scheherazade his queen, and justice and kindness reigned once again.

FOOD WASTE REDUCTION ACT. May bagong pasang bill ang Abono Party-List sa Congress.

 The House of Representatives has passed on final reading House Bill 8873 which aims to reduce food waste through food donations and food recycling.

The proposed “Food Waste Reduction Act,” principally authored by Rep. Conrado Estrella III of the Abono party-list, was unanimously approved on third and final reading by 183 votes.

The Food Waste Reduction Act says “The State recognizes each person has a right to an adequate standard of living, including sufficient, safe and nutritious food. The State upholds the policy to attain food security, end hunger and promote the efficient use of the country’s food resources.

“The considerable number of people going hungry daily is a breach of a human right that this Act intends to correct, and the massive amount of food wastage produced presents an opportunity for the State to address hunger and improve the quality of life of the underprivileged.

“The State shall adopt a system to promote, facilitate and ensure the reduction of food waste through redistribution and recycling. The State shall likewise implement measures to make it mandatory to donate edible food surplus for charitable purposes.”


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DPWH commits to pay landowners in TPLEX row

POZORRUBIO– The Department of Public Works and Highways committed to pay within one month, the landowners of properties traversed by the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) in four towns of Pangasinan.

The agreement/commitment was signed after the landowners blocked one lane of TPLEX for half day of Friday, creating heavy traffic along the TPLEX’s exit in this town and the Manila North Road.

DEMAND. Owners of land traversed by the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway barricade a lane of the expressway to press for the payment of their properties.


The landowners put up barricades along the expressway to convey their message to the DPWH about the non-payment of their properties despite the TPLEX already in use for years and the operator collecting toll fees from motorists.

The landowners have been paid only 30 percent of the assessed value of their properties before the project started, for them to allow entry of workers into their land.

In the agreement, the DPWH committed to request the Private Infrastructure Development Corporation for the full payment of claimants with complete documents. The PIDC owns and operates TPLEX.

The agency also committed to send staff to assist claimants with incomplete documents in processing their papers, at the Laoac and Pozorrubio town halls, every Tuesdays.

Claimants with no complete documents will be paid 20 percent of their claims within a month, and the remaining 50 percent will be paid after they have established ownership of their properties.

The agreement said if the DPWH  does not comply with the commitments, the landowners “reserve the right to conduct another dialogue or public hearing.

“The DPWH (and) PIDC   (are) expected to exert more effort to beat the deadline/demands of the claimant to avoid further public gathering,” the agreement said.

The agreement, signed at the Office of Pozorrubio Mayor Ernesto Go,  was signed for DPWH by lawyer Darius Paduada, Moreno Navarro and Arthur Narciso Jr.

For the landowners, the signatories are Rogelio Godoy, Susana Mangada and Reynaldo Campos.

The signing was witnessed by the mayor and Pangasinan Police Director Sr. Supt. Wilson Lopez. YOLANDA SOTELO


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BIR exec opens door to public

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO – The Office of the Revenue District Officer (RDO) in Pangasinan is probably the only RDO head whose office’s door is always literally open to the taxpayers to entertain their queries and complaints.

“I always open my door especially if I have no pressing tasks on my table,” said newly assigned Bureau of Internal Revenue’s RDO-4 chief Ernesto Mangabat.

RDO-4 handles the revenue collections in the two cities and fourteen towns’ Central Pangasinan.

He cited that taxpayers who transact at the RDO-4 office can approach him because his office is always open for them.

This is the first time that an RDO chief in the history of three RDOs in Pangasinan, as far as this writer is concerned, opens his door to the public, impervious to the danger brought about by the position. (more…)

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EDITORIAL: Abono Partylist, kasangga ng pagpapaunlad ng agrikultura

Pumalaot sa larangan ng pulitika ang Abono Partylist noong halalan ng 2007 upang tugunan ang mga ibat-ibang suliranin ng sektor sa agrikultura. Noong halalan ng Mayo 14, 2007, nakakuha ng isang upuan (340,002 na boto) ang nasabing partylist sa Mababang Kapulungan (House of Representatives) na kung saan umupo bilang representante si Rep. Robert Raymund M. Estrella Jr. Isinulong niya, kasama si National Chairman at Tresorero Rosendo O. So, ang mga hakbang upang mapatigil ang mga ilegal na importasyon ng mga karne habang tinutulungan nila ang mga magsasaka na mapaunlad ang kanilang mga produkto gaya ng mais at palay.

Sa taong 2008, isinagawa ng Abono Partylist ang Agricultural Exposition na ginanap sa Carmen East, Rosales, Pangasinan na kung saan ipinakita ang mga ibat-ibang teknolohiya sa agrikultura at nagkaroon din ng pagsasanay ang mga magsasaka. Ginawa rin ang ganitong exposition sa bayan ng Sison noong 2009. Sa taon ding ito inilunsad ang Maisan at Gulayan sa mga Barangay sa lalawigan ng Pangasinan, La Union at Tarlac para mapalago ang produksyon ng mga gulay at mais. Sa Pangasinan, isinagawa rin ang Certified Palay Seed Production. (more…)

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MAGANES: Pangasinan media is divided

Now that the election campaign is heating up, print and broadcast journalists in Pangasinan are seemingly divided between the camps of the present provincial administration and Alaminos City Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Arthur F. Celeste.

Over the air lanes, commentaries over block time radio programs are confined on trying to pin down the credibility of both camps. Issues are bloated up, and ad hominem statements against candidates are  regular past times of the radio commentators. Even community newspapers are at tug of war trying to buoy up the popularity of their preferred candidates. The social media too, particularly Facebook,  teemed with fake news stories and issues that an ordinary netizens could no longer decipher what are the true news and lies.


Since there are no big issues against Mayor Celeste, his rival camp is discrediting him for running the gubernatorial position banking on his statement last May 2018 that he will join the present administration after enlisting himself as member of the PDP-Laban Party. They are trying to destroy his credibility by saying that Celeste has no “paninindigan” or he’s unprincipled and has no sense of loyalty. (more…)

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Celeste to Pangasinenses: ‘I will govern Pangasinan with a good name’

By Virgilio Sar. Maganes

BINALONAN – Alaminos City Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Arthur F. Celeste told hundreds of his supporters during a meeting held at the Ramon Guico Sr. Sports Center here on February 8 that should he win the gubernatorial post on May 13 elections, he will govern Pangasinan with a good name, a legacy he will bequeath to the Pangasinenses.

“I value my good name. In my 27 years as a public servant, I’ve never been accused of any graft and corruption case. I will bring that good name to the Capitol should I win the gubernatorial post,” he said.

Celeste, a gubernatorial candidate under the Nacionalista Party (NP), heads the Team Celeste-Lambino, which is supported by a coalition of big political parties in the country.

His running mate for the vice gubernatorial post Mark Ronald Lambino will be running under the Nationalist Peoples Coalition (NPC), a political party founded by business tycoon Eduardo Cojuangco.

Other local candidates under his team will run under the Lakas-CMD.

Celeste and his team are also backed up by the Abono Partylist, which will run for the fifth time on May 13 elections. Abono Partylist has Chairman Rosendo So and Rep. Conrad M. Estrella III at the helm.

He urged his supporters to help all the candidates under his team to make his advocacies come into fruition.

“You are all partners for change. Let’s work together to pursue our dreams for a better Pangasinan. Ang Pangasinan ay para sa lahat,” he said.


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